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Restoration and Rebuild Services

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Our primary business is as a parts supplier to Greeves enthusiasts. We have rebuilt and restored our fair share of Greeves motorcycles, both concourse show winners and competition machines. However, because these tend to be "labors of love", we limit the number of these projects we take on in a year. We do work closely with several highly regarded restoration specialists, and can provide a referral for you.

A Conley Greeves restoration. 1964 20MDS 200cc square barrel, only 22 were built. (Above)

Technical Support

We are more than happy to answer technical questions about your Greeves projects. With over 40 years of experience dealing with these bikes, we have seen and solved every problem you are likely to encounter. You can email us at (contact Kenny - see Home page) with your question, but unless it can be answered in a sentence or two (I don't type very well), we would prefer that you give us a call (contact Kenny - see Home page). Remember, we are located in California, so pick your time judiciously. We don't use an answering machine, and its often noisy in the workshop, so let the phone ring. If you are looking for a parts quote, please use the form at the bottom of the "Products" page.

Our service philosophy: We will make your problems our problems, and try our very best to help you solve them.

1946 James motorcycle

Villiers powered 1946 James (above). George Tamaura's 1965 "Scottish" Trials (below). Conley restorations.

George Tamaura's 1965 Scottish Trials

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