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Julia Crawford, Greeves Days, 2010

Julia Crawford brought her Greeves Wessex all the way from Seattle, WA for Greeves Days 2010. Drove down by herself - she's a real Greeves Gal!

Tim Wuethrich(R), Kenny Sykes(L), Greeves Days, 2010

Tim Wuethrich (R) from Sacramento California - owner - (Built by Kenny Sykes, L) winner of Best Griffon class at 2010 Greeves Days.

3 Happy Guys, Greeves Days, 2005

3 Happy Guys at Greeves Days, 2005.
L to R, John Santa, San Jose, #63; Bill Redman, San Diego, #33; Jim McDannald, Deer Park, #24U.

Raeh Wilson and his 1966 Greeves TFS.

Raeh Wilson and his 1966 Greeves TFS.

Although this is not a classic restoration, it is a beautiful customized bike.

Nice looking Anglian.

Tony Ascar from Colorado.

Mike Beanway

Greeves Ranger

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